A chance encounter that re-ignited a decade-dormant musical friendship,, and the recruitment of a heavy-hitter, combining into a sonic delivery that gives nods to grunge and groove

It’s alternative-rock drum’n’bass.

There’s a new wave of bands that cite influence from the nineties… but these guys damn-well lived it.

“We’re unapologetic about what we are doing with Muules… as we are at the point where we are making music to please and amuse ourselves… without being ironic.”

Bass covering the low AND the high ends. Drums covering all bases. And a vocal delivery harking back to some of our greatest musical heroes without coming across as forced or nostalgic.

That’s Muules.

"Imagine Grinspoon and Royal Blood giving birth to a three-headed musical child, sticking it in a DeLorean, sending it back to 1990's Seattle, and letting that bastard fend for itself... and you get an idea of what Muules sounds like."
- The Point Music News